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Mercury IT is an official Zoho partner with access to premium resources and avenues for supporting our customers

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Mercury IT is an official Zoho partner (Partner ID: PU6753829, Partner Code: MERCURYIT), with access to premium resources and avenues for supporting our customers.

Zoho CRM is consistently regarded in top 5 CRM systems globally across both amateur and professional publications/reviews, and its popularity and suite of applications is ever increasing.

Highly configurable with “Enterprise” level subscription, allowing creation of custom record types modules and layouts.

Use of lookup fields for cross-module-relationships and associated lists. Allows many to many relationships, with optional linking entities (special record that can store metadata about the relationship)

Solid and easily managed reporting features as part of core CRM

Advanced reporting available in Zoho Analytics (Power BI equivalent), including native import of data from other systems such as Xero, Campaign Monitor, uploaded files, or bespoke database.

Extendable with an impressive range of 40+ Zoho Products and supported by a solid range of third-party extensions in the Zoho Marketplace.

Integration with Microsoft 365 elements (Outlook/Contacts/Calendar)

Microsoft 365 connector to process your staff and organisation email accounts through the CRM and automatically link all staff comms and attachments with relevant contacts/organisations in the CRM based on matching email addresses.

Enterprise API and SDK for integration with bespoke or other 3rd party systems, authentication built upon OAuth standard.

Call centre features with IP telephony integration options for dialling direct from CRM and Call-pop

Sandbox environment for testing and staging updates

Compliant with international security certifications and best practice https://www.zoho.com/security.html

2 factor authentication options for staff, and IP whitelisting options to lock down access to work network(s)

User and Role based permissions that can be set at many levels including record types and specific fields. Ability to be quite broad, or very granular with permissions based on organisational structure and policies.

Zoho CRM Mobile app (can be deactivated if against policy)

User accounts allow concurrent login from multiple locations, and can be shared. Ideal for lowering licence cost in a context with many read-only users etc…

Competitively priced, lowest cost out of the “major players” with no sacrifice to quality of product or support