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Store your information on a virtual desktop on a cloud server and access it anywhere

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Cloud solutions offer many benefits to small business. You no longer need to rely on a single desktop or laptop that holds all your valuable business information – you can store it on a virtual desktop on a cloud server – and access it from anywhere.

Based on Microsoft Windows technology, your cloud server can play the role of a simple file server, right through to a fully functional terminal server serving all your critical business applications and data, all through your own privately secured cloud.

A virtual desktop can be accessed from any workstation in an office, or from a home PC or laptop – perfect for hot-desking and remote working. Once logged in, the user can access their virtual desktop applications and files hosted on server infrastructure in a datacentre.

Mercury IT’s cloud servers offer increased data security, with fully-automated backup solutions, including copies in geographically separate locations, to help you easily meet your business’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity goals; a complete solution when bundled with other backup and hosting services we have on offer.

Accessing your cloud server is as simple as clicking on a shortcut from any computer – or even from most portable devices such as a tablet or smart phone. All your need is an internet connection anywhere in the world; existing secure connectivity can be enhanced with extra security rules such as 2 Factor Authentication.

Unlock the power of cloud computing with our Virtual Desktop Solution:

    Scale to meet changing business requirements (user numbers, servers for specific projects etc)

    Reduce your IT expenditure by not having to purchase servers and higher spec workstations

    Reduce maintenance and service fees

    Manage hardware and software diversity with platform and hardware independent solutions (use your Macs and iPads on a Microsoft based server)

    Enable remote and flexible working by connecting from anywhere and at any time

    Create continuity with the same desktop environment from any device, anywhere in the world

    Secure your data with highly secure, encrypted data access including 2FA options

    Fast-track disaster recovery with built-in backup and recovery solutions

    Control costs with subscription-based monthly licensing costs, allowing for seamless additions and deductions in license numbers

    Build hybrid cloud solutions with multiple partners

    Manage risks with New Zealand-based servers – governed by New Zealand law