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SharePoint Online is a web-based collaborative platform which is primarily used as an intranet or a document management and storage system. With SharePoint you can share and work together,  inform and engage others across the company, transform business processes, and harness collective knowledge. In addition, SharePoint provides capabilities for organizations to protect and manage data and to build custom solutions.

For enterprises that want to automate, streamline and optimize document-driven processes and make work of their employees more productive. A fully-fledged document management system is an absolute must and SharePoint provides you with the following document management features:




Categorization of documents via metadata fields and/or folders



Security & Compliance

Setting SharePoint as your default homepage allows your organisation’s intranet to become a launch pad for your employees, with useful features such as:

    Share files and collaborate on documents

    Knowledge repository for internal and client notes and information

    Show the latest news from your sites

    Design options with logos and branding — making your SharePoint your own

    Easy to use interface

    See what you and the people around you have been working on recently

    Quick links that are important and useful for everyone in your organization

    Integrate useful apps like Trello, Twitter, YouTube

    Calendar reminders

    While SharePoint is simple and intuitive to use, setting it up appropriately so that it functions well and meets your organisations needs can be tricky. Our SharePoint experts at MercuryIT can help you design and implement your solution to get the most out of your company intranet or collaborative environment. MercuryIT can also help migrate from SharePoint on-premises document libraries or regular file shares and bring them over to SharePoint Online.

    MercuryIT can also maintain, update and manage your SharePoint as part of an ongoing Webmaster service if required.

    SharePoint Online is available as part of an Microsoft 365 subscription.