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Sisters of Compassion


Sisters of Compassion

How did Mercury IT help the Sisters of Compassion get the key IT support they need and to control of their IT costs?

The Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion, commonly known as the Sisters of Compassion, is a congregation founded in Hiruharama, Whanganui River, New Zealand in 1892 by Suzanne Aubert. The Sisters of Compassion work with people in Wellington, Wanganui, Jerusalem, Flaxmere, Wainuiomata, Upper Hutt, Wairoa, Auckland, Fiji, Tonga and Wagga Wagga (Australia). The Sisters provide social work, pastoral ministries, prison chaplaincies, education ministries and care of the elderly.

The Sisters told Mercury they needed IT services that work at remote locations and Helpdesk services that support both “power users” and those for whom technology is of less interest. Using our remote support tools we can see what the user sees on their screen and quickly solve problems.

Mercury looks after:

  • Helpdesk for any issues people have
  • On-site support for when needed
  • Data backup
  • Security.

After using our services for a while Monty Arnott, General Manager at the Sisters of Compassion had the following to say:

“The advantage for us is that everyone, including the sisters at our remote settlement of Jerusalem on the Whanganui River can get IT support when they need it.”

About Mercury, Monty had the following to say:

“We have a great relationship with Mercury and know they understand our requirements and provide our users with the support they need.”

No matter what your IT needs we will work with you to implement a support program that works. If you have an IT need then get in contact so we can add your success story the list!